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TELEX-like input method for nan
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Vietnamese TELEX input method uses unused alphabets (keys) for tonal mark.
It might be applicable for a new Minnan input method.

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Current plan:

  • Q for 5th tone: eq for ê, laqng/lngq for lâng, laqi/laiq for lâi, boq for bô, etc.
  • R for 7th tone: sir for sī, birn/binr for bīn, ur for ū, chhiurnn/chiunnr for chhiūⁿ, etc.
  • F for 2nd tone: gufa/guaf for guá, kofng/kongf for kóng, soof for sóo, etc.
  • V for 3rd tone: khiv for khì, kavu/kauv for kàu, tuvi/tuiv for tùi, etc.
  • X for 9th tone: tiox for tiŏ

Suitable for phone keyboard (less space).
Planned for Android.

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