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SimSik: improve ASCII compatibility
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Language switch key does not work for many
English/ASCII keyboards.
Ex. Hacker's, AnySoftKeyboard, etc.

Idea 1:
When no other input method is available,
(SimSik is the only keyboard enabled)
language key switches to ASCII keyboard.

Idea 2:
NoSuggestion flag uses ASCII.
Not a good idea.
NoSuggestion should just means no dictionary
lookup and suggestion.
AutoCorrect means no automatic correction,
but suggestions (and corrections suggested)
are allowed.

Idea 3:
Provide a ASCII subtype to be enabled.
Not sure about this.

Idea 4:
Real ASCII/TELEX compatible mode.
No more dead keys.
Tonal marks only appear after vowels.
Need other ways to input -, o͘, and ⁿ

Idea 5:
No idea. Why the hassle just because of
other keyboard's problem?!
But problem needs to be solved...
And every Hanji input method has ASCII mode!
Because it is... faster? More integrated? Maybe both.
Just add an option for the language key to switch
to ASCII mode might be a good idea.

Options for the language key:
1.( Now)
Switch to other IM (if supported) and subtype.
Possible improvement: show IM switch menu
when no other IM support this feature.

  1. Show IM switch menu
  2. Switch to ASCII and back